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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2007|01:40 pm]
Got Corrs?
Hello! I'm a newbie!
Well... I claim:

Jim Corr!
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Mine, Mine, Mine [Sep. 14th, 2006|09:44 pm]
Got Corrs?

OMG I just found this XD


I claim:

The Album Talk On Corners
The Album Home
Jim Corr
Andrea's LID outfit
The Unplugged Session/Concert

I think I can claim these ;-) I'm disappointed I can't claim more, actually :p
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can I still claim..? [Jan. 5th, 2006|11:31 am]
Got Corrs?

am not totally sure if this one is still up and running?
Found it through searching by communities for 'the corrs'.. and saw kind a few COL-people here ;)

Anyway... my claims:
Kieran Kiely ;)
and as song: Runaway :)
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Mine Mine Mine [Nov. 2nd, 2005|08:28 pm]
Got Corrs?

[music |Anywhere Is ~ Enya]

Hello! I'm Miriam, 18 years old and Corrsfan since I heard Breathless on the radio in the summer of 2000. I would love to claim Sharon Corr.

(I'm still a newbie to the wonderful world of LiveJournal, so if I'm doing something wrong, please contact me...)

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Promotion [Oct. 9th, 2005|09:53 pm]
Got Corrs?

[music |Shakira - Fool]

On the promotion front:

I feel bad doing absolutely nothing to promote this place, so I added interests in the userinfo so people might find it by themselves without my actually advertising it.

After the HSC I will start actively promoting ;) Which will really only consist of posting in Corrs communities about it. I have a feeling once I post there will be a huge demand for claims which I won't be able to keep up with while on exams. Sooooo promoting will come later.
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List update & plan [Sep. 19th, 2005|10:51 pm]
Got Corrs?

[mood |tiredtired]

Claims list updated!

Okay, so here's the plan. I will leave this community be till after my exams, with the occasional name-dropping in my journal to hopefully prevent it from becoming 100% dead. Once my exams are done and I, once again, have time to breathe I will advertise! Not to mention make a new layout.
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Mine, mine, mine [Sep. 18th, 2005|12:08 pm]
Got Corrs?

I just joined. :)

Can I claim?

- Violin solo of When He's Not Around - LIVE. The opening of concerts during the TOC Tour, I think.
- Song: Lough Erin Shore (UnP version)

That's it (for now at least).
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mine mine mine [Sep. 11th, 2005|09:26 pm]
Got Corrs?

I claaaaaaim Keith and Anto, since where would I be without them?
To round things out, I'll take Secret Life, Somebody For Someone, and Humdrum.
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List update // Mine, mine, mine [Sep. 12th, 2005|10:48 am]
Got Corrs?

[music |The huggies song (in my head)]

Claims list updated!

And yeah, just so people can see what I've claimed ;)

♥ Sharon's blue violin
♥ Song: No Good For Me
♥ Song: Queen of Hollywood (as performed at Lansdowne Road)
♥ Song: Erin Shore (studio version)
♥ Concert: Live at Lansdowne Road
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mine, mine, mine [Sep. 11th, 2005|05:19 pm]
Got Corrs?

[mood |blahblah]
[music |over the moon]

Can I claim:

Andrea Corr
Bono (guest appearances at Live In Dublin)
Summer Wine
Paddy McCarthy

Um, that's all I can think of right now, so I'll be back when I think of the 5th. ;)
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